[Art called to me almost from the start. My early childhood was filled with doodling, drawing and sketching.

Growing up in a small picturesque town at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, my eyes were filled with beautiful forests and majestic mountains. What began as an appreciation of Nature’s inspiring power evolved into a desire to life my life as an artist.

In my high school years I studied drawing, painting and woodcarving. Since the dominant trend of that time was Abstraction – not the Classical, Renaissance and Expressionism I love – I taught myself through observation, trips to museums where I could study the Old Masters, reading extensively and occasionally taking a class in a specific technique. I learned color theories, techniques related to the study of human anatomy and classical painting.


Through the process of study and eventually teaching art, I’ve discovered the intimate relationship between technical ability and the spiritual presence that makes creativity possible. I believe in a holistic approach to making art, both in terms of the creative cycle itself and the ways of showing and exhibiting work.

All passionate work is art, and it is meant to be shared and enjoyed by others as an expression of individual perception, inspiration and creativity.

It is my goal to help others explore art as an expression of inner creative energy, connect with the ancient practice of art and balance the process of creation with new ways of marketing operating not out of scarcity but abundance.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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