Sketching in cafes is great fun and a practice I enjoy nearly every day.

The spontaneous sketching of the people around me, combined with free association and visual brooding has evolved over time into my personal vision and approach to art. My vision allows a very personal narrative to emerge from the random forms that surround me as I go about my daily activities.

These sketches – created using watercolors, pencil and charcoal drawings, pastels and sometimes oily crayons – are fluid and spontaneous and allow me to constantly experiment with new forms of expression as I develop a theme from seemingly disparate visual ideas.

The result is an intensely personal visual story with its own internal logic, presenting the absurd side of life in almost a surrealistic flavor. This approach is perfectly suited to my character and views of the world around me.

Imagination, inspiration, magic and a sense of the absurd are just some of the qualities I strive to achieve in my art.  I do not always succeed. Yet the attempt is a deeply gratifying and fulfilling process and I feel lucky to call it my work.



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