Commission Art as opposed to free independent Art

I have been doing commission art for many years now and it has always been  a concern of mine wether it has the same validity as the art that is done with an artists free will . Today’s post is about the difference between working on your own free concepts as opposed to doing a commissioned work. […]

The end of summer

   August is ending and I am back at my favorite cafe. It is bloody hot in Budapest makes me wish I would be somewhere in Alaska.It was a very busy summer with continuation of renovations of our apartment, visiting Viena , making arrangements for the arrival of my son , vacationing with family in […]

What can be learned from sketching in cafe.

  Apart from the sheer pleasure of doing it, here are some of my observations after doing it for quite few years. Eye -hand coordination First and foremost, I would say that sketching generally and not only in cafe has a very beneficial influence on gathering confidence trough proficiency with a gradual enhancement of eye-hand  […]

Archetypes in Art

  St John or Szent Janos sculpture at Mechwart Liget in my neighbourhood. In my daily sketch practice, usually in a local cafe which serves as an ongoing exercise routine practicing my art, I try to find the balance point between the personal individual expression and the more universal point of reference. The interlacing of […]

The opening of the exhibit in IF Cafe

  Last Saturday night was the opening of my show at the If cafe on Raday street in Budapest. There was an impressive amount of people who came to share with me the event. Most of them are friends of Eva Kovacs , my life partner. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all […]

Laci bacsi flirting as usual

  Back at Mai Mano cafe. After two weeks of absence, it feels good to come back. Laci bassi is a very prominent regular figure in the cafe and is loved by all. He is ninety years old and commands respect in the way he is still preserving his joviality especially when he meets one of […]

Human fragility

Sketching as I do in cafes around the World I mostly observe people in their lightly exited, animated state, expressing themselves verbally, smiling, typing on their laptops and talking to friends on smartphones. There is usually  small movements involved but not too much as to disrupt the process of sketching. This of course allows me […]

Thank you note

This is my first post with the brand new design of my site. About a year ago, I have decided to stop with my endless amateur attempts to tweak my design and embarked on a journey to find a professional help that would balance out the functionality of my site with usability and design. After […]