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Archetypes in Art

  St John or Szent Janos sculpture at Mechwart Liget in my neighbourhood. In my daily sketch practice, usually in a local cafe which serves as an ongoing exercise routine practicing my art, I try to find the balance point...

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Laci bacsi flirting as usual

  Back at Mai Mano cafe. After two weeks of absence, it feels good to come back. Laci bassi is a very prominent regular figure in the cafe and is loved by all. He is ninety years old and commands respect in the way he is...

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Human fragility

Sketching as I do in cafes around the World I mostly observe people in their lightly exited, animated state, expressing themselves verbally, smiling, typing on their laptops and talking to friends on smartphones. There is...

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Thank you note

This is my first post with the brand new design of my site. About a year ago, I have decided to stop with my endless amateur attempts to tweak my design and embarked on a journey to find a professional help that would balance...

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