Finding true place and balance between Divine Providence and Luck

Tomorrow night is a New Year evening and it is a great time for some retrospective general account of what happened in 2015. I think that without exaggerating much, it was an amazing year marking a very dramatic turning point in my life and I believe in my art as well. The summer of 2014 […]

Sketching in cafes after the Paris terror attack

  About a year ago I have escaped or so I thought,the war zone of Middle East only to find that terrorism doesn’t confine itself to one region anymore. As I was sketching this French couple in the cozy atmosphere of my regular place, I had some thoughts on how creativity and art are influenced by […]

To tsu or not to tsu

I got a link yesterday from my son Zohar about the new social network called Tsu which is supposed to be the next big thing on the Internet, promising to compensate the users for sharing their content. I have been lamenting for years about the lack of fairness in the complete lack of revenue distribution on […]