The world is in turmoil. From the pandemic threat that engulfs most of the countries on earth to the rioting of BLM. From financial instability, with scarcity principle that is coming to an end with possibility of losing sources of livelihood to possibility of war and dictatorial regimes taking over whatever is left from the democratic process in many places.
In the beginning of spring, we have started working on our little garden without any previous experience just experimenting with planting few veggies , cleaning the paths and solving little problems related to watering .
We’ve got a water cistern that was left here from the previous owner and were happy to water the plants with a watering pot.
The problem is that we have got quite few beds to water so filling by hand the watering pot and carrying it around to all the beds of green peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes, tomatoes , radishes etc, became quite tiring so we tried to use the pump I have bought a year ago when first arrive at this place. Without much understanding in pumps and without any previous experience the one I bought was built for a much more heavy duty work then pumping from a shallow cistern like we have.
After two weeks of trying to fix and tweak the connecting point of the hose to the pump I gave up in despair as nothing worked and we continued carrying the heavy pots to the plants for watering.
One day I went to look for something in the storage shed that was left by the previous owner and as I was looking suddenly I spotted a small pump that seemed to be intact. Upon the first trial the pump worked beautifully and we were relieved from the menial task of carrying the pots.
All I want to say with all these little details about the watering of the plants is sometimes the solution to a problem comes as if from nowhere.
It was a pure gift from heaven reminding me that many times the usual linear way of solving problems are not the only way to go.
Just when we think that everything  is lost and God is not concerned with out little problems there comes an answer we were totally unprepared for and giving up.

NEVER GIVE UP. This has become a platitude that is tossed around by people who succeeded in solving a serious problem and as tempting it is to dismiss this because it was only a small problem I believe it applies to any problem of any size.