Sketching as an anchoring in space time

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After three months in Budapest I am starting to feel a bit more settled specially after receiving my residency permit, valid for one year.

Coming to Budapest after spending few months in Europe, is closing a circle in many respects.

One circle is related to the fact of my birth in the region of the Carpathian basin. It was interesting to find out in this  article on the origins of the Hungarian nation that which is actually regarded as the birthplace of the Hungarian nation.

The other circle which is more recent is the one that has started fifteen years ago when I lived here for a year and a half.

It is then when the whole idea of the cafe project has started.

One day, absorbed in sketching in one of the many lovely cafes of Budapest, I have suddenly experienced a sense of dislocation, forgetting for a moment where I am. This kind of disorientation is actually quite common in almost any intensely creative work and I think I am not alone in experience this kind of rapture, sometimes accompanied with  a sense of awe and inspiration. This moment was followed by a sudden rush of realisation that the act of observing and sketching, serves as an anchor point in space and time, providing me with a new sense of orientation and feeling of home.

I have red somewhere that something similar is happening when a Bedouin is setting up his tent in the vast desert with a fire serving as a reference point, giving him a sense of temporary home.

The atmosphere of many cafes around the world is quite similar and the actual experience of sketching painting, observing the movements of people and flowing with the rhythm of the lines is almost the same everywhere, regardless of the actual location of the cafe and is therefore easy to lose orientation. Thus, the act of sketching in the cafe has been transformed for me into much more then making art. It has suddenly become an act of stitching together our disjointed fragmented reality where forms of one place can be cut and pasted into completely another context creating new meanings where old ones have been lost.

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  1. Josef Ralt

    Thank you Zvi for the reminder. As for the Holocaust I am too painfully aware of it as more the half of my emmidiate family has perished like many Hungarian Jews. As for the Mohacs, I am still learning about it.
    Thanks for the comment, Zvi.

  2. Zvi

    Being also from the Hungarian Cultural space I can say that nothing is so traumatic in the Hungarian history like Mohacs (1526). and the Holocaust for the Jews of hunmgary

  3. Josef Ralt

    Thanks dear Rona.
    Yes. There are some good things happening right now.hugs

  4. Rona

    What a great post, Josef, revelation, homecoming, into one’s own, looks like you are settling down spiritually and emotionally and also your art making as well as flow of creative ideas are in full swing… in spring !

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