To tsu or not to tsu

Andrassy ut Budapest

I got a link yesterday from my son Zohar about the new social network called Tsu which is supposed to be the next big thing on the Internet, promising to compensate the users for sharing their content.

I have been lamenting for years about the lack of fairness in the complete lack of revenue distribution on all the social networks, using our content for free. What would Facebook or Youtube be without our content?
It is true that it takes a lot of resources, expertise and money to build a reliable working platform and the founders of these networks are totally entitled to make a descent profit from their initial investment. Here is Amanda Blain explaining beautifully and concisely why Tsu is a scam and why those big social platforms that make all that money are actually deserve it.
And yet  there is total contradiction between the internal message of a social network that is based on the premise of a free cooperative community of friends, family and people who share interesting and innovative content and the huge money hungry corporations that have grown from all this activity of ours.
There seems to be a considerable hype on the Internet right now around this new fastest growing social network and it is apparently too early to conclude if indeed it will become yet another Ponzi scheme as some critics like Amanda Blain are predicting or perhaps it will become the next revolution in the way we share our content on the net.
Here is a little more balanced voice of Neal Schaffer that seems to be fairly cautious and yet quite optimistic about the possibilities offered by Tsu.
So, to all of you my dear friends who would like to experiment and try out this opportunity with me, use your own discretion look around and judge for yourself. Who knows, maybe we will be the early adopters of the next huge evolution of the social networks?
Here is a link if you feel adventurous enough to join me on tsu.


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