A return to Nature
A year has passed since my last post. It is not that I didn’t have what to say. Some of what I had to say or show about my art I did on my Facebook page. Other part is the need just to experience life without the need to project outward for everyone to see. There is something trying and even a bit superficial for an Read More »
Red wine as the passion of spring
    Spring. Time of renewal. New energies coming in. New ideas. Future plans are brewing. It's been long time since i have posted but i do not feel apologetic about it. It is all a question of timing. Then of course, there is this Facebook thing. Having considerable presence on facebook tak Read More »
Jasmin with friends
  Part of my daily sketching practice involves interaction with people around me. Sometimes the people involved notice they are being drawn , curious about the outcome they come up timidly asking permission to have a peek. Other times people just curious about the creative process as it happens live and Read More »
Amazing Grace
  Sometimes, as I gaze into the space around me I can see the infinite correlations between the different objects floating in that space with all their trajectories, connecting the invisible  lines  going back in time, revealing the history of those objects, transforming them into events that created the present Read More »
maimano from josef on Vimeo.   Sketching in cafes is my passion of many years. It provides me with an excellent opportunity for men-watching as well as a daily exercise in observation and improving my technique of water color painting. Upon arriving to Budapest few years ago, I have explor Read More »
Good form doesn’t show
It seems like my subconsciousness  is busy I lately with relationship between form and essence and this morning I woke up with this message; "Good art is the relationship between the exact amount of information and details that are relevant in a given form. Too much or too little make the form incomprehensible. Th Read More »

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